Ps Matthew & Anna Wyatt

PS Matt & Anna Wyatt

Senior Leaders of MCC

Who We Are

Ps Matt & Anna Wyatt are our senior leaders. Matt & Anna are passionate about you growing from strength to strength. They have dedicated their lives to those who are wanting to experience and steward a sustained move of God in families, in our city and in our nation.

What We Believe


We believe that there is one God represented in three persons; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.


We believe that Jesus as the son of God both fully man and fully human came to earth and died on the cross for all mankind. 


We believe that the word of God is both spoken & written, the Bible is God’s truth and it gives us clear direction for living.

Jesus Christ is the Source

We start with Jesus. He is the centre of our belief, in knowing Him we discover who we are.

The Supernatural

We believe that miracles are a normal part of everyday life.


We believe in the power of God’s love.

We love furiously, give generously & serve enthusiastically.

What you see is what you get.

We are raising & becoming sold out followers of Jesus Christ.

We are about growing resilient families & individuals. We wholeheartedly embrace all people because you matter.

We love God & love people.

We are working together with those around us to help shape a better, safer and more vibrant community.

We live in the knowledge that God requires us to take responsibility for His created planet & Its environment.